Turbine Construction
Turbine Construction

Turbine Construction

More energy from water.

Turbine construction is one of our specialities. The Pelton Turbine has been successfully constructed and manufactured by Lingenhöle Technologie to your exact specifications and parameters for many years – both complete plants as well as individual components.

The Pelton Turbine is an impulse turbine for hydroelectric power plants. It was designed in 1879 by the American engineer Lester Pelton and exploits the kinetic energy of water. The water flows as a high-speed jet out of one or several nozzles onto the blades of the wheel. There is a high level of pressure behind the nozzle, but the flow itself is under normal atmospheric pressure. The potential energy is completely converted into kinetic energy in the nozzle, meaning there is no pressure change in the wheel itself. The Pelton Turbine is therefore an impulse turbine.

Each of the up to 40 blades is divided into two half blades (“buckets”). The water flow from the nozzles is directed at a tangent into these half blades and the energy is transferred to the buckets via momentum exchange. The buckets work by carrying the water in the opposite direction so that the kinetic energy can be better exploited. A Pelton turbine has a high level of effectiveness even in partial load ranges.


Water always has a source. So does good technology.

Technology from Lingenhöle is put to use in many different locations. We are trusted here:

KKW Stettli

Small hydroelectric power plant Net head: 77,5 m Water discharge volume:2101/s Power: 139,5k ...

TWKW Aesch

Small hydroelectric power plant Net head: 79 m Water discharge volume: 331l/s Power: 21 kW ...

TWKW Fürti

Small hydroelectric power plant Fürti Net head: 108m Water discharge volume: 29,31/s Power: ...

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