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We work toward tomorrow, today.

Without new talent, everything we do today would come to an end. This is why we at Lingenhöle Technologie place great importance on our rigorous dual-training scheme for new talent. On average, about 17 trainees at a time learn the ropes in our modern training workshop – while having fun and with a great deal of commitment.

We also strengthen their professional and personal skills with additional in-depth training programs and encourage them to study for further qualifications. This instils a sense of security for the future. For everyone concerned.

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Mechanical Technician

What is it like working with heavy machinery?

Are you enthusiastic about technology? Does the prospect of being able to operate heavy machinery and manufacture precise components from materials appeal to you? Then a career as a mechanical technician might be the ideal choice for you.

We will train you in our training workshop and later in our production halls and show you how to file, drill, rivet and solder metal. You will learn the required skills on the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine and in the metalworking shop.

After 3.5 years, you will be ready for the future and have all the skills you need for an exciting career and further training opportunities.

Metal technology – main module for machine construction technology (H1)
Duration: 3.5 years

Mechanical engineer

Materials Engineer

Like heavy metal?

As a materials engineer, metal will not just be metal to you. You will know exactly how to handle this material. In the laboratory, you will be able to precisely judge the composition of metal, and you will know how to interpret fracture patterns and spark tests.

And when it comes to measurement, control and regulation technology, there’ll be nobody better than you – not even when it comes to computer-aided systems. In addition, you will be trained with us in the professional monitoring of heat treatment systems.

After 3.5 years, you will be ready for the future and have all the skills you need for an exciting career and further training opportunities.

Materials technology and special heat-treatment module (H1 + H2 + S1)
Duration: 3.5 years

Lehrling bei Qualitätsprüfung


Top marks for Lingenhöle Technologie.

Our trainees learn a host of new things. And the state of Vorarlberg agrees. Since 1998, we have been awarded the Ausgezeichneter Lehrbetrieb (excellence in teaching) title every year. This shows that we offer a very good training scheme and our trainees have the best possible starts to their careers.

Excellent Training

Apprenticeship Positions

Not just want, but can.

We need new talent so that we can ensure our success over the long term. Do you want to learn the ropes of your chosen career as part of a fantastic team? Then apply with us now.

Mechanical engineering technician with main module mechanical engineering (H1)

We still have vacancies for mechanical engineering technicians!

Are you interested in a 3.5-year apprenticeship as a mechanical engineering technician with the main module mechanical engineering (H1)?

Then please get in touch with our training manager.

Materials engineer with a special heat treatment module

We still have vacancies for materials technicians!

Are you interested in a 3.5-year apprenticeship as a materials engineer with a special heat treatment module?

Then please get in touch with our training manager.

Apprenticeship Workshop

Taster Training Sessions & Internships

Try it out.

Still a bit unsure what you want to do in the future? No problem. Simply put yourself and your skills to the test. You can do this easily with us – during your holidays, as part of work experience or as part of a taster training session.

Trial Apprenticeship Workshop

Taster Training Sessions

In January, February and March, you can attend a two-day course to see if one of our careers is for you: simply take advantage of our taster sessions and make an appointment with our training coordinator.
+43 5522 75451 25

Careers After Training

The best is yet to come.

To ensure the perfect start to your career, we want to give you the comprehensive training and specialist knowledge you need. But we are also always pleased if you want to continue your career with us once you have finished training. Several of your predecessors are now permanent employees here and love their jobs and the team.

But it is also important to us that you continue to develop your skills. This is why we will support you if you want to take advantage of further training opportunities and gain additional qualifications. There are plenty of opportunities available:

  • WIFI training courses
  • Foreman’s certificate
  • Master craftsperson’s certificate
  • Higher vocational diploma
  • Technical college diploma
  • Colleges of Applied Sciences
  • Universities
  • WIFI career academy
Careers After Training

Your contact:

Daniel Bischof

+43 5522 75451-25
Daniel Bischof

We are by your side.

When it comes to embarking on a career, you need people who know what they are doing. Those who will support you, know all the tips and tricks and do not forget that everyone has to start somewhere. You will find these people at Lingenhöle Technologie.