Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

For long-lasting durable pieces

Nothing lasts forever: workpieces are subject to wear and tear. Preventing this process from happening as long as possible has economic benefits. And this is where the Lingenhöle heat-treatment technology comes into play.

Have components with high metallurgical and/or tribological requirements? Need support in choosing the right material and/or heat-treatment process for your requirements? Looking for an expert and flexible partner to carry out your desired heat treatment? Then you have come to the right place.

With Lingenhöle heat-treatment technology, we offer the optimal thermal and thermochemical processes for all your components and requirements. Our thermal heat-treatment services range from classic annealing processes to quenching and tempering and induction hardening. Our medium-frequency induction system is specially designed for round parts with hardening lengths of up to 5,000 mm and diameters of 450 mm.

As part of our thermochemical process spectrum, we have units for case hardening and carbonitriding as well as gas, plasma and salt-bath nitriding or nitrocarburizing. We can also offer vacuum hardening for hardening of cold work, hot work and high-speed steels.

The combination of the right materials, the right heat-treatment process and our in-depth expertise ensures that our finished parts will be tough enough for every situation.

Heat treatment for durability and resistance