Salt Bath Nitrocarburising (Tenifer QPQ®)

In salt bath nitrocarburizing (salt bath nitriding), the components are treated in molten salt and then oxidized in a cooling bath. To optimize surface characteristics, the components can then be polished (blasted).


  • Increases durability
  • Versatile, cost-efficient
  • Significant increase in corrosion resistance with QPQ® treatment


  • Casting materials
  • Tool steels

Available plant sizes

  • Length 1400 mm, Diameter 800 mm
Salt Bath Nitrocarburising

Typical values for Salt Bath Nitrocarburising

Which materials can be plasma nitrided? What hardness and nitriding depth can be achieved? Here you will find an overview of typical hardness values of different material groups:

DIN EN 10027-2 material number DIN EN 10027-2 (Short) designation Surface Hardness in Vickers [HV0,5] max. Nitriding hardness depth (NHD) [mm]
Carbon steel
1.0060 E335 280-500 0,6