Workpiece straightening – high quality through distortion correction in contract work

Straighten workpieces

We fulfil high quality standards in terms of concentricity and straightness. Distortion and dimensional changes can hardly be avoided during heat treatment or forming processes We offer you a wide range of processes, such as plasma nitriding, gas nitriding, nitrocarburising and vacuum hardening, to reduce hardening distortion to a minimum. We also have the necessary expertise to recognise and compensate for such changes in order to avoid costly reworking.

One important procedure in this context is straightening. Our straightening presses are set up for processing long cylindrical workpieces. This makes it possible to straighten both small workpieces and components up to 6000 mm in length with a press force of 1600 kN to an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.

Mechanical Processes

For small batches or changing order situations, it is not worth purchasing your own straightening press. In this case, Lohnrichten is the solution for you.

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Levelling – our possibilities

Our maximum processing range when levelling workpieces: 6000 mm in length and 200 mm in diameter.

Make Press force in kN Workpiece ⌀ Workpiece Length Special Equipment
DUNKES 250 80 1000
DUNKES 1600 200 6000
MAE M-AH40 400 50 1000 CNC fully automatic


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Increase the quality of your production.

We machine workpieces on a contract basis for global customers who are leaders in their industries, as well as for start-ups and hidden champions. We look forward to offering you a customised solution.