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Demagnetising workpieces

Steel workpieces are often held or clamped with magnets during production. The workpieces then retain part of the magnetism in the iron and then act like magnets themselves. In various industries, however, this is a hindrance or disruptive to further use or installation. Magnetische Werkstücke können einen Produktionsprozess lahmlegen oder zu fehlerhaften Produkten führen. Therefore, some customers order “demagnetised” workpieces or those with a certain residual magnetism.

The component to be demagnetised is placed in the demagnetising device, usually a coil, and this is supplied with energy by means of power electronics. The workpiece is demagnetised by an alternating monotonically decreasing magnetic field. A very high magnetic field strength, the precision of the decreasing alternating field and the configurable demagnetising frequency characterise demagnetisation at Lingenhöle Technologie. Owing to this, the highest quality results are achieved.

Steel demagnetisation

Demagnetising Dimensions

Demagnetise metal parts up to a diameter of 400 mm.

Make Workpiece ⌀ Special Equipment
Maurer Magnetic AG
High-performance magnetiser MM-DM-P
to 400 M-Test Residual Magnetism Meter


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