Large turned parts up to 6000 x 820 mm from the CNC turned parts manufacturer in Austria

CNC turned parts

Lingenhöle supplies ready-to-install precision turned parts: cost-efficient, on time and in optimum design. We attach great importance to quality assurance. Every single turned part undergoes strict inspection procedures to ensure that it meets the highest standards Our dedicated specialists work for your success from the drawing to the finished turned part.

Turned parts in contract manufacturing

For CNC turning, Lingenhöle Technologie uses only cutting-edge technology. The range of services extends from 50 mm to 6000 mm machining length, from the initial sample to series production. As an experienced CNC turned parts manufacturer, we turn complex geometries with tight tolerances as well as large turned parts in contract manufacturing. Your needs are important – and we have the right machines to meet these needs.

CNC Turning and Long Turning

CNC turned parts Material

Thanks to modern machines and advanced tools, there are few limits to the materials that can be used today.

Turned parts made of steel

  • Free-cutting steel
  • Tool steel
  • C-steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder steel
  • Castings
  • Casting blanks

Turned parts made of aluminium

  • AlCuMgPb
  • AlMgSi0,5
  • AlmgSi1,0
  • AlMg3
  • Billetaluminium
  • Aluguss

Turned parts made of brass and copper are also part of our portfolio.

Are you looking for a reliable turned parts manufacturer that fulfils your requirements in terms of precision, quality and part size?

Contact us to find out more about our range of services in the field of CNC turned parts and CNC turning.

Turned parts for your industry and application

Turned parts of the highest quality, delivered on time for a wide range of industries. No matter in which area you are looking for a partner for precise manufacturing solutions: As experts in the production of turned parts, we are active in machine, plant and tool construction, for example. We work for the paper industry and the shipping industry or for manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines. rain columns and nuts, gear shafts, hollow shafts, motor shafts, drive shafts, toothed shafts or axle journals are turned.

Turned Parts Dimensions

Machining area for large turned parts up to a length of 6000 mm and a diameter of 475 mm.

Make Type Turning ⌀
Steady Rests ⌀
Peak width Spindle Bore Power Special Equipment
Heynumat 25 UK
CNC to 820
6000 102 60 kW C-axis, TRANSMIT powered tools, 2 steady rests and tailstock, program controlled
Heynumat 21 UK
CNC to 570
3000 117 60 kW C axis, TRANSMIT powered tools, steady rest and tailstock, program controlled
Index GU 3000 CNC to 450
3000 100 37 kW Powered tools, steady rest and tailstock, program controlled
Index GU 1400 CNC to 220
1400 100 37 kW Powered tools, steady rest and tailstock, program controlled
Index GU 800 CNC to 220 800 65 36 kW Powered tools, tailstock, program controlled
Index GE 65 CNC 10-200 340 65 30 kW Powered tools, bar feeder


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