Precise milled parts up to 3500 x 800 mm from the CNC milled parts manufacturer in Austria

CNC milled parts

As a contract manufacturer for milled parts, the dynamics of competition demand maximum flexibility from us. Continuously optimised production processes from the quotation to the finished milled part enable us as a milled part manufacturer to keep delivery times short and to react flexibly and quickly to customisation requests.

Milled parts in contract manufacturing

We use modern CNC processing centres to create the required shape from the workpieces and tolerances specified by you. Our range of services extends from CNC milling vertically up to 3500 mm and CNC milling horizontally up to 800 mm machining length – from the initial sample to series production. We mill for you in contract manufacturing on state-of-the-art machinery. This enables us to guarantee consistently high quality and cost-effective production of CNC milled parts.

CNC milled parts Material

Thanks to our modern machinery and highly trained employees, we are able to process a wide variety of materials.

Milled parts made of steel

  • Free-cutting steel
  • Tool steel
  • C-steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder steel
  • Castings
  • Casting blanks

Milled parts made of aluminium

  • AlCuMgPb
  • AlMgSi0,5
  • AlmgSi1,0
  • AlMg3
  • Billet aluminium
  • Cast aluminium

Milled parts made of brass and copper are also part of our portfolio.

Our milling processes

Mould milling is particularly important in tool and mould making and has become established due to its high flexibility and diversity in parts production. Other milling processes are also available

Mould milling

Controlled feed movement for any flat or spatial surfaces.

Profile milling

The shape of the tool is transferred to the workpiece (longitudinal and round profiles).

Face milling

Straight feed movements for flat surfaces.

Circular milling

Circular feed movements for cylindrical moulds (external and internal cylindrical milling).

Screw milling

Helical feed movements for screw moulds (threads and cylindrical screws).

Hob milling

Feed with simultaneous rolling motion with profiled tool for gears and splined shafts.

Do you want to have CNC parts milled? Are you looking for a reliable CNC milled parts manufacturer that fulfils your requirements in terms of precision, quality and part size?

Contact us to find out more about our range of services in the field of CNC milled parts and CNC milling.

Precise milled parts for a wide range of industries and customised applications

On-demand and on-time component production for a wide range of industries. As an experienced partner in the production of milled parts, we serve the machine, plant and tool construction sectors, among others. We work for the paper industry and the shipping industry or for manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines. Our CNC machines ensure maximum precision and surface quality as well as the lowest tolerances in terms of flatness, shape deviation and roughness.

Milled Part Dimensions

Production of large milled parts up to 3500 x 800 x 750 mm

Make Type Path X Path Y Path Z Power Special Equipment
MC 16
CNC 630 630 630 30 kW Tool changer with 40 tool places, 2 pallets 400 x 500
MCP-H 250
CNC 800 800 710 43 kW Tool changer with 52 tool places, 2 pallets 500 x 630
Hedelius BC 80
CNC 2500 800 750 50 kW Tool changer with 30 tool places, NC dividing head with counter bearing, angle head
Hedelius BC 80
CNC 3500 800 750 50 kW Tool changer with 30 tool places, NC dividing head with counter bearing, angle head


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