Drinking Water Power Plants

What people need to live.

Drinking water is essential to life. Every single day. A secure electricity supply is also essential for industrial, commercial and private use. In order to meet these requirements, drinking-water power plants are becoming increasingly important.

The principle behind such plants is based on exploiting the height difference between the source and head tank and the quick flow of water through the nozzle to produce electricity. Drinking-water quality is not impacted thanks to the use of chrome steel materials.

The advantages of a drinking-water power plant:

  • Cost savings (buildings and pressure pipelines are usually already in place)
  • Environmentally friendly energy acquisition (green energy)
  • No environmental impact
  • Drinking water flows into the head tank without the use of pressure (saves use of a pressure-reducing valve)
  • Low maintenance
  • Food-safe (drinking-water quality not affected)
  • High level of effectiveness thanks to optimal adjustment of turbines and generators
  • Robust design

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Drinking Water Power Plants