Turned and milled parts in contract work up to 4500 x 700 mm

Turned and milled parts

We realise fast delivery times and cost efficiency with high precision, even with out-of-round components. Where universal lathes reach their limits, mill-turn machining is just beginning. It combines turning and 5-axis milling in one work area. Thanks to 6-sided complete machining, a turning-milling machine – as a combination machine, so to speak – realises complex geometries in a single pass. In other words: Where previously different machine tools carried out several process steps in metalworking, today only one turning/milling centre is required. This eliminates set-up times and reduces throughput times.

CNC Turning Milling Centre

Do you need complex turned-milled parts? Are you looking for a reliable CNC milled parts manufacturer that fulfils your requirements in terms of precision, quality and part size?

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Turn-milling offers you the following advantages:

Cost efficiency

Turn-milling enables high productivity in production. The elimination of machine changeovers and reclamping processes reduces set-up and throughput times as well as logistics costs.

Faster throughput and delivery times

Turning and milling in a single set-up makes production processes significantly more efficient and economical.


With our turn-mill centres, we are able to meet a wide range of different requirements and respond more quickly to urgent orders.

High precision and quality

The integration of turning and milling in one machine enables precise machining of complex, even unbalanced components and difficult-to-machine materials.

Typical applications:

  • Long corrugated workpieces
  • Pressure rollers
  • Shaft parts with extreme surface quality requirements
  • Crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Axle support tubes for vans
  • Chassis parts
  • Flap lever for aeroplanes
  • Gearboxes
  • Valves and hydraulic cylinders
  • Calender (smoothing rollers) for paper production and textile manufacturing
  • Extruders for the plastics industry

Turn-milling Centres Overview

Large part processing with our multifunctional turning and milling centre up to a length of 4500 mm and a diameter of 700 mm.

Make Type Turning ⌀
Steady Rests ⌀
Peak width Spindle Bore Power Special Equipment
Index G400 CNC to 450 2000 102 53 kW 2 turrets with multifunction unit, 5 axes, main and counter spindle
WFL Millturn
CNC to 500
2090 77 33 kW 5-axis with swiveling B-axis, hobbing, workpiece measurement
WFL Millturn
CNC to 700
4500 165 60kW 5-axis, active B-axis, gear hobbing, crankpin milling, deep drilling, shaping, workpiece measurement


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