CNC Grinding

The hallmark of precision lies in the final touches.

Grinding is often the last machining process a workpiece goes through. Using the grinding wheel gives a workpiece the finishing touches and ensures the required surface quality and geometric accuracy. The high level of precision lengthens the life of various components, such as ball bearings, plain bearings, etc. After all, the smallest variations can make a big difference.

Our high-quality machines enable CNC cylindrical grinding up to 2,000 mm, conventional cylindrical grinding up to 6,000 mm and flat grinding up to 800 mm. Grinding machines can be used flexibly to meet customer requirements with optimal results.

Full Length CNC Grinding

We grind up to the maximum processing dimensions of 6,000 mm in length and 630 mm in diameter.

Circular Grinding

Make Peak width max. Circulation ⌀ max. Circulation ⌀
in the Steady
Special Equipment
CETOS 6000
6000 630 350 Marposs
TOS UBB 50-3000 3000 500 180 CNC Siemens 840 D-SL, B-axis
TOS 4000 4000 630 350 Marposs
4000 600 350 CNC Siemens 840D-SL
1500 450 2 grinding spindles, internal grinding device, eccentric grinding
1500 R
1500 250 90 Marposs

Internal Grinding