Wastewater power plant / industrial water power plant

Use unwanted resources to offset your carbon footprint!

Worldwide, wastewater from mountain regions is treated in sewage treatment plants without being used. There is an opportunity to convert this lost energy into electricity using Pelton Wastewater Power Plants. We are proud of the power plants we have already implemented, with which we can demonstrate our expertise and ecological awareness of this energy transition. All the plants run smoothly, despite their complexity due to the various chemicals and substances, from contaminated solids to liquids.

The complete planning process, involving reinforcements, restraint measures and flushing implementations is designed, calculated and finally implemented by us.

The advantages of a wastewater power plant:

  • Environmentally friendly power generation (electricity is generated from wastewater)
  • No interference with nature (sewage pipes are usually already in place)
  • Structural infrastructure mostly already in place
  • Easy handling by the operator, requiring very little maintenance
  • Use of potential energy; water is depressurised
  • The turbine can be operated intermittently or at partial load, as required
  • Cost savings (dissolution of small wastewater treatment plants)

Through our INHOUSE heat treatment, we can also offer and implement projects with nitrocarburised heat-treatable steels to increase strength.

Engelberg Wastewater Power Plant