Proven quality.

You can say you strive to achieve the best quality every single day. Or you can put it to the test with satisfied customers and certifications whose high standards we pride ourselves in achieving.

Since 1995, the quality management system at Lingenhöle has been verifiably certified by Veda Cert at regular certification intervals. The successful re-certification according to the latest regulations of DIN ISO EN 9001 shows that Lingenhöle meets the requirements and standards of quality management.

Technology with an environmentally friendly ethos

With regulation no. 1836/93, the Council of the European Union encourages voluntary participation by companies in the industrial sector in a community eco-management and audit scheme. This system comprises an environmental declaration, a documented environmental management policy within the company and an environmental audit scheme.

Lingenhöle Technologie GmbH has welcomed this encouragement as the first step to working toward an “Öko-Pass” (eco pass) and thereby laying the foundations for an environmental management system within the company.

Certificate for Quality Management System