On 15.09.2023, the participants Otto Held, Tobias Stengele and Stefan Eichhorner set out on an exciting mountain tour whose destination was the summits of the “Three Sisters” at over 2000 m.


The chosen route led by e-bike from Frastanz / Amerlügen on the Forstraße to Hinterälpele. From there we went on foot via the Schwestern Steig to the main summit of the Drei Schwestern.

The trail was well marked and easy to walk, but a solid physical condition was required due to the incline and the partly uneven terrain.


Already halfway up, there were impressive views of the surrounding mountain landscape.

During the ascent, numerous interesting plant and animal species could be observed. Especially noteworthy were marmots, which are native to this region.

After a strenuous but rewarding climb, the participants finally reached the summit of the “Three Sisters”. The view from up here was simply breathtaking.

Despite the overall success of the tour, there were also some challenges. The path became steeper and more slippery towards the end, which required extra caution.


The mountain tour to the “Three Sisters” was an unforgettable experience for all participants.

The varied landscape, the impressive flora and fauna as well as the breathtaking views made this tour a highlight.

The participants are proud to have mastered the challenges and are already looking forward to the next adventure in the mountains.