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The simplest recipe for success: persisting where others give up.

The more precisely a workpiece is processed, the more likely it is that it will be perfect at the end. This is why Lingenhöle Technologie not only offers the usual basic processing steps for your product, but also much, much more.


Super-finishing is a process aimed at achieving high-quality surfaces on a workpiece. It produces an even no-marks finish across the whole surface. Super-finishing increases the material content (contact area) and thus the wear resistance; the material removed amounts to a few thousandths of a millimetre. The final surfaces correspond to the same kind of results that can be achieved by honing and lapping.

Range: workpiece diameter: 240 mm, workpiece length: 6,000 mm.


Levelling enables unwanted deformities in workpieces to be smoothed. Deformities can occur as the result of heat-treatment or forming processes. Our straightening presses are set up for processing long cylindrical workpieces.

Range: workpiece length: 6,000 mm, press force: 1,600 kN.

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