Lingenhöle Technologie
mechanical production: CNC turning and milling centre

Complete solutions from scratch:
brilliant and multifunctional.

For the manufacture of complex components, our multifunctional centre for turning, drilling and milling is used as part of the machining process. Our complete solution comprises turning, drilling, milling, deep drilling, internal and external toothing, turn-milling, cam milling, pin milling and automatic workpiece measuring. The interpolation of up to five axes enables any geometric contour to be processed efficiently with maximum precision. There are therefore no limits to the complexity of workpieces.

Lingenhöle Technologie focusses on this kind of high-end technology in order to offer you the highest level of flexibility and adherence to the narrowest tolerances. With four turning and milling centres that can process lengths of up to 4,500 mm, we are well equipped to meet your requirements.

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