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careers after training

The best is yet to come.

To ensure the perfect start to your career, we want give you the comprehensive training and specialist knowledge you need. But we are also always pleased if you want to continue your career with us once you have finished training. Several of your predecessors are now permanent employees here and love their jobs and the team.

But it is also important to us that you continue to develop your skills. This is why we will support you if you want to take advantage of further training opportunities and gain additional qualifications. There are plenty of opportunities available:

  • WIFI training courses
  • Foreman’s certificate
  • Master craftsperson’s certificate
  • Higher vocational diploma
  • Technical college diploma
  • Colleges of Applied Sciences
  • Universities
  • WIFI career academy

Lingenhöle Technologie helps you go further.
Welcome to the team!

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You can contact Mr. Daniel Bischof by
Email and T +43 5522 75451 - 25